Levi persona.
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Attention Please.


Reblog this if you will actually talk to me and I will follow you. I need actually friends not followers.

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Title: Sunset Line
Artist: Haruka Nakamura ft Uyama Hiroto
Album: Melodica
♫: 609 plays


Haruka Nakamura Ft Uyama Hiroto - Sunset Line

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How about we write “telephone” as “tell-ephone”?
“Tell” your feelings to your treasured person right now

20140807 Blonote

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Replies later tonight! Sorry for all the delays. 
Especially to those two asks.. I’M SORRY. 
Heading to schedules now.

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Like a child, Eyebrows furrowed—he slightly jutted out his lower lip, unknowingly to himself at how he looked and his expression as he simply looked down and took a deep breathe, It was a rare sight for him to lose his cool. He was normally always calm and collected but after several nights of insomnia racking up enough points to win the lottery, it seemed like he was at his wits end. After a moment he let out another short sigh. “Sorry.”

Sorry. Almond eyes quietly take in the younger male as brows begin to crease, and after a moment he shimmies a backpack off his shoulder before rummaging thoroughly within each pocket. The elder was careful to keep his gaze off Sungjong; the tension feeling heavier than expected. Was it frustration? The soft sound of plastic crinkling beneath fingers caught his attention, and a subtle smile lifts once he pulls lollipops from the bag. Each one was tied together with a white twisty which he swiftly removed as each candy was held within curled fingers. The sweet bouquet was held towards the younger male; the smile merely growing once eyes settle on him. “Take one,” he murmurs with a light fidget of feet. 

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I will put everything at risk, I will protect you no matter what hardships come.
- Infinite (via angelicbrokenbells)
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knight i miss you

Damsel, I miss you. Where have you been? Yah, don’t disappear again.

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We will be soon reunited. || Your beloved Taehyun.

I’ll try to be patient, Tae! I’m a little too excited.

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Talking to Dongie is really tiring dammit. Our conversation practically drained most of my energy—


Everything about this is very un-togepi-like, Chaery. 

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clongwoo replied to your post “Uh.. I think I’m lost.”

Curious eyes flicker across the short pathway until the sound of her voice draws his attention. Plump lips stretch to reveal a warm smile, and soon he would bend as the tips of toes push a rim upward, and fingers catch a skateboard. “I’m a bit lost.”

Tilting her head to the side, her eyes travel to the skateboard then back to him and asked with curiosity, “Where are you going, though? With the skateboard.” 

"I had been visiting this area with some friends but," his eyes set on the item in hand before fixating on her once again. A sheepish smile formed until he laughs and continues,"I got carried away with skating, and here I am." 

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Sistar’s new sub-unit 

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Title: '눈,코,입(EYES, NOSE, LIPS)' COVER
♫: 90,659 plays

YG Family cover project 002 -Tablo|Eyes, Nose Lips Cover|

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.. oh my god

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You were my goosebumps coming to life and the hair on the back of my neck rising to the occasion. You were the lump in my throat, the tightness in my chest. You were my chapped lips and nervous stutter. You were everything that made me so terrified about love but so excited to seize it. You.