Levi persona.
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I will write about the following. Leave one in my ask box:

Dear person I hate,

Dear person I like,

Dear ex boyfriend,

Dear ex girlfriend,

Dear ex bestfriend,

Dear bestfriend,

Dear Santa,

Dear Mom,

Dear Dad,

Dear future me,

Dear past me,

Dear person I’m jealous of,

Dear person I had a crush on,

Dear [future] girlfriend,

Dear [future] boyfriend,

Dear *anyone*,

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You mean a whole lot to me; like you're the papi to my mami, quokka to my turtle, tarzwoo to my janeji and wow, there's so much more which I can't remember-- BUT ANYWAY. I love you mucho, Quokka-nim! Now let's keep the promise to each other where we'll not leave each other.


Whoa— As expected you always have the sweetest words to tell me.
Janeji; I need to remember these nicknames. ahah. Thank you, Euuumji. It’ll be a promise we’ll definitely keep.

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Just enjoy everything that comes your way. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, good or bad, just take everything in stride. It’ll get better before you know it.
- Day 358: Eric Glisson, Spent 18 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit (via 29years365days)
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Please don’t say “You speak well,”
But rather “You think well.”

20140613 Blonote

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What does my Muse mean to yours?: Should I be sappy or funny on this?


I’m sure either one would be pretty great.

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What does my Muse mean to yours?

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Donglips with Yeolgum and Myungwink
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I— you’re just being nice by saying that! [/ furrows her brows slightly as she stares at you. ] No horror! 

But you did! I didn’t get hit a bunch of times like I expected. (/ grins, gently pushing knuckles against your shoulder only to recoiil quickly. ) Okay, fine. What kind of movie this time then, hm?

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That’ll be like…watching a movie while munching on popcorn. Hehehe. But no horror! Or I’ll punch you. [/ raises both fists up as she gets into her stance. ] 

Hey, you did well with the last horror movie we watched! (/ smiles despite the defensive pose he falls into; arms raised in front of his chest. ) C’mon. C’mon.

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That’s true. I live by that motto. [/ nods with a sheepish grin breaking out on her face. ] Eh— to live a slow and easy life with me, duh?

(/ a smile tugs at the corner of his lips; nose wrinkling. ) That sounds pretty fun. Maybe we can find something easy and fun to do? ahah.

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AHA— wow, it actually work. [/ laughs as she waddles over to latch herself onto you. ] Stop being a lazy bum, Quokka-nim!

But Turtle-nim you should know how to live a slow and easy life! (/ laughs, raising a hand to gently ruffle your hair. ) Why did you summon me? (/ wiggles brow.)

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[/ presses palms together as she chants with her eyes closed. ] Come out now, clongwoo. Come out. 

(/ he suddenly appears, arm clutched around a pillow as he looks around with a lazy expression. ) Yah— I was lying in bed.. ahah.

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i'll stay longer if you're here longer also :p

I’m always here! Just sort of watching, though. (/ smiles.)

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"Last romeo" wins // b&w | by infiniteyounges

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You were my goosebumps coming to life and the hair on the back of my neck rising to the occasion. You were the lump in my throat, the tightness in my chest. You were my chapped lips and nervous stutter. You were everything that made me so terrified about love but so excited to seize it. You.